What is a Squirrel Gram?

    Ever imagine what it would be like for your dog to send a gift delivered by a giant squirrel? Well wonder no more friends! Now, your dog will be able to send a Squirrel Gram to their best friends, their day care pals or care givers, their mom, dad, auntie, new four-legged family member or anyone else who may need a smile and a quick “I’m thinking of you” pick me up to break up the crazy day’s we are all now facing as a result of COVID-19.

    How does it work?

    Come shop and we’ll deliver! Perhaps a small get well soon cake or fun toy for a pup down the street? Maybe the Aunt that babysits or brings the pups to the park every week could use a little thank you or thinking of you gift? Who your pup chooses to deliver to is up to them! They can choose the gift, the date and message they’d like to have delivered. Once they’ve selected their gifts and delivery date, the squirrel is off and running.

    Where you can send a Squirrel Gram & how much will it cost?

    Squirrel Grams are being offered in a 10 mile radius from our Grafton Boutique location for an introductory delivery fee of just $25. Additional delivery zones are available for an additional mileage fee. ALL squirrel gram deliveries include a bag of squirrel cookies and a personalized message.

    What safety precautions are in place due to COVID-19 best practice guidelines?

    The safety of our Squirrel and our customers is a top priority for us. The squirrel, who is masked, will simply leave the package by the front door, ring the bell and step back the appropriate 6 feet to ensure proper social distancing is in place. Once the recipient comes to the door the squirrel announces who the special delivery is for.

    How do I order?

    As we work on getting our online calendar up and running, simply click the “Inquire Now” link above, pop into the boutique or call (305) 304-6139.

    Why choose a Squirrel Gram by Quite Fetching?

    LAUGHTER AND SMILES! With everything we are facing as a community and country right now we feel it is the best time to share some fun with everyone. We have yet to meet someone who didn’t smile when encountering the Quite Fetching squirrel. If even just for a moment, we can work together to help someone you care about smile and forget their worries of the day, then why not offer it. We truly believe the best medicine in times of trouble or worry is laughter and love. You send the love and we bring the laughter!