Room Rental

Room Rental Room rental starts at $75 for the first hour$25 for every hour following

Host your dog-friendly event at our boutique! Celebrate your dog’s birthday, becoming a new dog parent, or any other dog friendly celebration in our event room. Schedule a free consultation, and we’ll show you what we can do for your event. Rental includes set-up of decorations, tables for food and/or gifts, water for the humans, plates, cups, napkins and bowls for the pups. Inquire about renting the whole boutique after hours. Non-refundable deposit required at time of booking.

Add on Ice Cream Cart - $50

Add on Dog Bar - $75

Party Rental Supplies

We’ll bring our dog-friendly amenities to a location of your choice.

Quite Fetching Ice Cream Cart - $300

1-day rental, with free delivery (within 10 miles), set-up, and pick-up. Includes up to 2 dozen ice creams. 50% non-refundable deposit upon reservation. Cart needs to be plugged into an outlet or generator.




Private Mascot Appearance

In-house only. ½ hour appearance for pictures.

Available Mascots: Squirrel, Cheeseburger,Leprechaun, Mad Hatter, Easter Bunny, Santa

Add on Ice Cream Cart - $50

Add on Dog Bar - $75