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We're working on a short bio.

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We're working on a short bio.

Stay tuned!

Meet Laura!

Laura at Quite Fetching

Laura is on hand to spoil your pup and help you pick out the perfect toy and treat whatever the occasion may be.

She is the mom to three beautiful fur babies and safety is always her top priority! In addition to being a fabulous member of the barkery team, Laura is also the owner of Four Footed Family Pet Emergency Care Education. She loves to spoil the pups and share a tip or two with their humans on her experience as a teacher of animal safety and CPR. Your pup can find her at the boutique on weekdays and she's always ready to share a Zoli Cannoli pupcake, famously named after her beautiful pup Zola.

Meet Jill!

Jill at Quite Fetching

Jill goes above and beyond in the world of animal rescue and is the mom of four lucky pups (at last count, it could very well be more by the time you read this). She has years of experience managing a playful pack of pups and as a baker of human treats, she loves spoiling our guests with the dog friendly version of a gourmet dessert!

Most often you'll find her at the boutique on weekends, so come make her part of your Sunday Funday! She'd love to see you and pamper your pooch!

Meet Rylee!

Rylee at Quite Fetching

When we say Rylee loves your pup as much as you do, we are not embellishing! When she is on the barkery floor their wish is her command! You'll likely see her as soon as you walk in, offering your pup a treat and some play time. She is always coming up with creative ways to enhance your dogs experience and give them the pampering they deserve when they join us in the boutique.

Also a certified instructor in animal first aid and CPR your pup is in good hands while you make your decisions on which desserts to bring home. She's ready to welcome your pup to the Quite Fetching Family and looks forward to seeing you soon!

The Taste-Testers

With Flower, presentation is everything.  That is just one of the qualities that make her a priceless asset to the team.  As the yard operations manager, Flower often finds it necessary for all of us here at Quite Fetching to provide good reasoning for any requests made to her. In order to ensure the right decision is being made, she is diligent with weighing the risks and rewards of every situation. She won’t just come to you, sit or stay without good reason. Flower holds all of us to a very high standard. Be confident in knowing that with Flower as our top taste tester, if it doesn’t meet her approval it doesn’t make the cut to the barkery floor.


Bella is our happiest team member who is always close, allowing her to excel in the position of quality control manager. Not one treat over the expected bag capacity will leave the kitchen on her watch. Bella also puts the Quite Fetching team’s safety and well being first by making sure the floors are clean of pesky cookie debris. Always in a good mood, Bella also reminds us on a daily basis that taking a break is important and that we should always find time for play.


As the newest, youngest and the most vocal team member, we knew Maybelle would be perfect for a position in our risk management department. Not only does she let us know what needs improvement around the offices, she is always going above and beyond what is asked of her. For example, she is often testing indoor toys for outdoor use, checking the durability of the clothing we order and will often leave a trail of water and drool so we know exactly where we can find her if we need her in a pinch. She is an invaluable part of the day to day operations and has made our Quite Fetching team complete.

Our Story

 Our journey to Quite Fetching began after the passing of our beloved dog Rags.  The loss of Rags was devastating to our family and to honor his memory we started a small organization called Road Trips for Rags (RTFR). Road Trips for Rags led us to Flower, our sweet Mississippi rescue who became our pride and joy.  Then, as fate would have it, adog who looked just like our boy Rags, a female named Bella, joined our family.
With two large dogs in the house we needed to step up our training game; however, ever finicky Flower wasn’t easily persuaded to follow our direction.  Unimpressed with the variety of treats we were bringing home to her we took her favorite root vegetable, the sweet potato, added apple sauce, a little flour, and an egg and hoped for the best. Well, guess what? It worked! We literally had our little princess eating out of the palm of our hand  In fact, things got so good around here with the two of them, we adopted a third dog—our sweet goofy bloodhound, Maybelle.
Always looking for creative ways to fundraise for RTFR we created a bake sale with Flower’s favorite cookie (hence the name of her soon to be famous cookie).  Sharing these healthy homemade snacks made us happy, and we decided to see what it took to open a barkery.
Another Quite Fetching original cookie, Bella's Bisquits, was soon to follow.
We think Maybelle is catching on that she doesn’t have her own cookie, so we will be using your feedback to help design cookie #3! 
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us on this crazy adventure. We have big plans for Quite Fetching and look forward to sharing the experience with you every step of the way.
Sincerely, Emily, Kevin, Flower, Bella, Maybelle & Sven

Our Mission 

Our mission is to provide a fun and inviting environment for a community to gather, shop and talk all things dog.  Our dog treats are made by hand with just a few fresh, human grade ingredients and a lot of love.  Those involved with rescue and animal welfare organizations will always receive a discount with Quite Fetching and we are committed to helping animals find the safety, love and forever family they deserve.