Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a fun and inviting environment for a community to gather, shop and talk all things dog.  Our dog treats are made by hand with just a few fresh, human grade ingredients and a lot of love.  Those involved with rescue and animal welfare organizations will always receive a discount with Quite Fetching and we are committed to helping animals find the safety, love and forever family they deserve.

Our Story

Our journey to Quite Fetching began after the passing of our beloved dog Rags.  The loss of Rags was devastating to our family and to honor his memory we started a small organization called Road Trips for Rags (RTFR). Road Trips for Rags led us to Flower, our sweet Mississippi rescue who became our pride and joy.  Then, one afternoon while scrolling through Facebook, a picture popped up from the woman in MS who had fostered Flower as a puppy.  It was a picture of a dog who looked just like our boy Rags, except she was a girl and her name was Bella.  Bella had been found in pretty bad shape and there was a call to help.  We agreed to become first time foster parents and help Bella in her journey to her forever home. (Well, we all know how that turned out, we became her forever family.)
With Bella in the house we needed to step up our training game as Flower was less than thrilled with the new addition to the family.  Problem was, Flower is very finicky and wasn’t easily persuaded to follow our direction.  Unimpressed with the variety of treats we were bringing home to her, one day we thought maybe if we cooked her a batch of treats at home, made the house smell good and she believed she was getting a human cookie she would begin to comply with our silly requests like to come to us when we call her in from outside…in the rain…in the winter. So we took her favorite root vegetable, the sweet potato, added some apple sauce a little flour and an egg and hoped for the best. Well, guess what.  It worked! We now had our little princess eating out of the palm of our hand, literally!  In fact, things got so good around here with the two of them, we adopted our third! Our sweet goofy bloodhound Maybelle came into our lives in July of 2016.   
Always looking for creative ways to fundraise for RTFR we decided this past winter to do a bake sale with Flower’s favorite cookie (hence the name of her soon to be famous cookie).  It really made us happy sharing these treats and knowing other pups were enjoying a healthy, homemade snack.  With that we decided to see what it took to open a barkery and welp, here we are!   
Since Bella was the reason for Flower’s favorite we felt it was only fair our Bella got a cookie named after her as well.  She loves peanut butter (not to mention a good Elvis song) so we also offer Bella’s Biscuit which is simply Peanut Butter (we use organic), banana, a little honey, wheat germ, flour and egg.  We think Maybelle is catching on that she doesn’t have her own cookie yet, so we will be using your feedback to help design cookie #3! 
We are starting out very small and Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for joining us on this crazy adventure we have taken on.  We have big plans for Quite Fetching and look forward to sharing the experience with you every step of the way.    
Sincerely, Emily, Kevin, Flower, Bella & Maybelle